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Protecting reproductive rights, religiously.

We are suing Missouri to support Mary Doe, a member of The Satanic Temple. 

“Missouri is violating religious freedom because
there is ‘no medical or other compelling purpose’ 
for the 72-hour delay.”

— Jex Blackmore, Newsweek, October 17th 2017

In Missouri, what happens when you need an abortion?

How much does this lawsuit cost?

Missouri Bill 519 is the bill that increased a 24 Hour Waiting Period to a 72 Hour Waiting Period.
Missouri Bill 519 is the bill that prevented Mary Doe from observing her religious practice.


A 72 Hour Waiting Period requires additional costs to an already expensive procedure that may not be covered by insurance. There are very few clinics that perform abortions in Missouri, so many people have to travel to have the procedure done. Costs can include: Transportation, Lodging, Childcare Costs, and Time Off Work

We encourage you to read the entire bill on Legiscan.

Of the $175,000 needed,
we have raised $15,500
to fight Missouri’s theocratic practices.

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“Satanists believe that the
‘body is inviolable and subject to one’s own will alone,’
The law as it stands violates our religious freedom.”

— Lucien Greaves (Vice News June 24th, 2015)

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018

Jex BlackmoreLucien GreavesMegan Kennedy and Stu De Haan will liveblog the oral arguments with Jack Matirko on FIUO

You can listen to the livestreamed oral arguments and join their conversation starting at 10:30 AM EST.

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Historically, defensive legal stances seek to protect reproductive rights.  Mary Doe instead acted in accordance with her deeply held religious beliefs in the face of increasing amounts of legislation. Her standing up for her right to practice her religion protects anyone in MO seeking an abortion from regulations with no purpose other than to make abortion even more difficult to experience.

The success of this lawsuits would be a huge victory over all such restrictive abortion laws.

Learn more in this comprehensive Overview of Abortion Laws by State via The Guttmacher Institute.

How can you donate?

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What’s different about our Federal and State Lawsuits?

Federal Lawsuit

Filed June 23, 2015
(Case # 4:15-cv-00986)



The case in federal court asserts that the Missouri regulations violate the First Amendment rights of TST members.

By using its power to regulate abortion, Missouri is promoting the religious belief that life begins at conception (it’s not that simple.) TST argues that this is a violation of the Establishment Clause. We argue this is also a violation of the Free Exercise Clause.

State Lawsuit

Filed May 11th, 2015
(Case #15AC-CC00205)



The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was used by Hobby Lobbywhen they argued that providing employees with health insurance that covered birth control violated the owner’s constitutionally protected religious beliefs.

The Missouri requirements similarly impose religious beliefs upon Mary Doe. We assert that state interference with a TST member terminating her pregnancy violates RFRA.

Livestream Oral Arguments

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The Satanic Temple fights for bodily autonomy, religious freedom, science in psychiatry and education reform.

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Starts at Tuesday, January 23rd at 8:00 AM CST.

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