TST insists that certain restrictions interfere with our religious practices. The rights of religious organizations to receive special consideration due to their beliefs has been repeatedly affirmed in courts and this position is further supported by Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) laws.

Withholding of medical information
One of the fundamental tenets of TST is the need for best scientific information to inform our lives, actions, and decisions. When medical professionals withhold information, they directly interfere with our religious practices. In Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Arizona, doctors are not required to inform women of complications that may lead them to consider terminating their pregnancies. TST intends to take legal action to require doctors to inform their patients who share our beliefs that they might withhold this kind of information. If they fail to disclose in this scenario, they would be criminally violating their patient’s civil rights.

Fetal burial rules
While no state has successfully passed a rule requiring health care facilities to bury or cremate fetal remains from spontaneous or induced abortion or ectopic pregnancy regardless of their patients’ wishes, enactment would clearly be a violation of the long-established domain of religious entities to handle the remains of the deceased. TST asserts its religious right to treat human tissue as medical waste.

Department of Health and Human Services conscience and religious freedom rule
TST members, and those who share our beliefs, believe that enforcing mandatory waiting periods and counseling, providing unnecessary ultrasounds, and forcing patients to listen to a fetal heartbeat against their wishes violates our conscience. TST asserts that TST members and those who share our beliefs should not be forced to violate their conscience when providing abortion care and therefore not be bound by restrictions on access that serve no medical need.

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